Interact 2011

Technical Program Thursday

TPS.221:  Health I
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room A2
Chair: Jan Macek
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Finding the right way for interrupting people improving their sitting posture
Michael Haller
Christoph Richter
Peter Brandl
Sabine Gross
Gerold Schoßleitner

You’ve covered: Designing for In-shift Handoffs in Medical Practice
Yunan Chen

Identifying Barriers to Effective User Interaction with Rehabilitation Tools in the Home
Stephen Uzor
Lynne Baillie
Dawn Skelton
Fiona Fairlie

Clinical Validation of a Virtual Environment Test for Safe Street Crossing in the Assessment of Acquired Brain Injury Patients with and without Neglect
Patricia Mesa Gresa
Jose Antonio Lozano
Roberto Lloréns
Mariano Alcañiz-Raya
María Dolores Navarro
Enrique Noé

TPS.222:  International and Cultural Aspects of HCI
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room A3
Chair: Paula Kotze
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Culture and Facial Expressions: A Case Study with a Speech Interface
Beant Dhillon
Rafal Kocielnik
Ioannis Politis
Dalila Szostak
Marc Swerts

Equality = Inequality: Probing Equality-Centric Design and Development Methodologies
Rilla Khaled

e-Rural: a framework to generate hyperdocuments for milk producers with different levels of literacy to promote better quality milking
Vanessa Magalhaes
Junia Anacleto
André Bueno
Sydney Feels
Marcos Silva
Fernando Balbino

Designing Interactive Storytelling: A Virtual Environment for Personal Experience Narratives
Ilda Ladeira
Gary Marsden
Lesley Green

TPS.223:  Computer-Supported Cooperative Work II
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room S1
Chair: Anke Dittmar
Online Media: Video Proceedings

IdeaTracker: An Interactive Visualization Supporting Collaboration and Consensus Building in Online Interface Design Discussions
Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam
Brian Bailey
Christina Poon

What You See Is What You (Can) Get? Designing for Process Transparency in Financial Advisory Encounters
Philipp Nussbaumer
Inu Matter

A Framework for Supporting Joint Interpersonal Attention Management in Distributed Groups
Birnholtz Jeremy
Schultz Johnathon
LePage Matthew
Gutwin Carl

TPS.224:  Interruptions and Attention
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room S2
Chair: Heather O'Brien
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Choosing your Moment: Interruptions in Multimedia Annotation
Christopher P. Bowers
Will Byrne
Benjamin R. Cowan
Chris Creed
Robert J. Hendley
Russell Beale

Attention and Intention Goals can Mediate Disruption in Human-Computer Interaction
Ernesto Arroyo
Ted Selker

Again?!! The Emotional Experience of Social Notification Interruptions
Celeste Lyn Paul
Anita Komlodi
Wayne Lutters

Do Not Disturb: Physical Interfaces for Parallel Peripheral Interactions 

Fernando Olivera
Manuel García-Herranz
Pablo A. Haya
Pablo Llinás


TPS.225: Health II
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room S3
Chair: Steven Drucker
Online Media: Proceedings

Design and Evaluation of Interaction Technology for Medical Team Meetings
Alex Olwal
Oscar Frykholm
Kristina Groth
Jonas Moll

How technology influences the therapeutic process: A comparative field evaluation of Augmented Reality and In Vivo Exposure Therapy for phobia of small animals
Maja Wrzesien
Jean-Marie Burkhardt
Mariano Alcañiz Raya
Cristina Botella

Exploring Haptic Feedback in Exergames
Tadeusz Stach
T.C. Nicholas Graham

TPS.226:  Human Factors II
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:30, Room S4
Chair: Nigel Bevan
Online Media: Proceedings

Moving Target Selection in 2D Graphical User Interfaces
Abir Al Hajri
Sidney Fels
Gregor Miller
Michael Ilich

Navigational User Interface Elements on the Left Side: Intuition of Designers or Experimental Evidence?
Andreas Holzinger
Reinhold Scherer
Martina Ziefle

Study on the usability of a haptic menu for 3D interaction
Giandomenico Caruso
Elia Gatti
Monica Bordegoni

Pupillary Response Based Cognitive Workload Measurement under Luminance Changes
Jie Xu
Yang Wang
Fang Chen
Ho Choi

TPS.231:  Tabletops I
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room A2
Chair: Stefan Oppl
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Evaluating Physical/Virtual Occlusion Management Techniques for Horizontal Displays
Waqas Javed
KyungTae Kim
Sohaib Ghani
Niklas Elmqvist

Usage and Recognition of Finger Orientation for Multi-Touch Tabletop Interaction
Chi Tai Dang
Elisabeth André

Tangoscope: a tangible audio device for tabletop interaction
Jörg Edelmann
Yvonne Kammerer
Birgit Imhof
Peter Gerjets
Wolfgang Straßer

Supporting Social Protocols in Tabletop Interaction through Visual Cues
Mirko Fetter
Tom Gross
Maxi Hucke

TPS.232:  Visualization
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room A3
Chair: Mary Czerwinski
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Analytic Trails: Supporting Provenance, Collaboration, and Reuse for Visual Data Analysis by Business Users
Jie Lu
Zhen Wen
Shimei Pan

Exploration Views: understanding dashboard creation & customization for visualization novices
Micheline Elias
Anastasia Bezerianos

Patient Development at a Glance: An Evaluation of a Medical Data Visualization
Margit Pohl
Sylvia Wiltner
Alexander Rind

Evaluation of HaloDot: Visualization of Relevance of Off-Screen Objects with Over Cluttering Prevention on Mobile Devices
Tiago Gonçalves
Ana Paula Afonso
Maria Beatriz Carmo
Paulo Pombinho

TPS.233:  User Experience II
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room S1
Chair: Virpi Roto
Online Media: Video Proceedings

An Image of Electricity:Towards an Understanding of How People Perceive Electricity
Yoram Chisik

Structuring the Collaboration of Multiple Novice Design Ethnographers: Towards a New User Research Approach
Paul Gault
Catriona Macaulay
Judith Masthoff
Graham Johnson

Customer Experience Modeling: Designing Interactions for Service Systems
Jorge Teixeira
Lia Patrício
Nuno Nunes
Leonel Nóbrega

User Experience Research in the Semiconductor Factory: A Contradiction?
Marianna Obrist
Wolfgang Reitberger
Daniela Wurhofer
Florian Förster
Manfred Tscheligi

TPS.234:  Navigation and Wayfinding
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room S2
Chair: Vassilis Kostakos
Online Media: Video Proceedings

A Tactile Compass for Eyes-free Pedestrian Navigation
Martin Pielot
Benjamin Poppinga
Jeschua Schang
Wilko Heuten
Susanne Boll

Are We There Yet? A Probing Study to Inform Design for the Rear Seat of Family Cars
David Wilfinger
Martin Murer
Alexander Meschtscherjakov
Sebastian Osswald
Manfred Tscheligi

Don’t Look at Me, I’m Talking to You: Investigating Input and Output Modalities for In-Vehicle Systems
Lars Holm Christiansen
Nikolaj Yde Frederiksen
Brit Susan Jensen
Alex Ranch
Mikael B. Skov
Nissanthen Thiruravichandran

TPS.235:  Accessibility II
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room S3
Chair: Gerhard Weber
Online Media: Proceedings

Blind People and Mobile Keypads: Accounting for Individual Differences
Tiago Guerreiro
João Oliveira
João Benedito
Hugo Nicolau
Joaquim Jorge
Daniel Gonçalves

Elderly User Evaluation of Mobile Touchscreen Interactions
Masatomo Kobayashi
Atsushi Hiyama
Takahiro Miura
Chieko Asakawa
Michitaka Hirose
Tohru Ifukube

BrailleType: Unleashing Braille over Touch Screen Mobile Phones
João Oliveira
Tiago Guerreiro
Hugo Nicolau
Joaquim Jorge
Daniel Gonçalves

Potential Pricing Discrimination Due to Inaccessible Web Sites
Jonathan Lazar
Brian Wentz
Matthew Bogdan
Edrick Clowney
Matthew Davis
Joseph Guiffo

TPS.236:  Multi-Modal Interfaces
Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30, Room S4
Chair: Fabio Paterno
Online Media: Proceedings

Developing and Evaluating a Non-Visual Memory Game
Ravi Kuber
Matthew Tretter
Emma Murphy

Playing with Tactile Feedback Latency in Touchscreen Interaction: Two Approaches
Topi Kaaresoja
Eve Hoggan
Emilia Anttila

The Role of Modality in Notification Performance
David Warnock
Marilyn McGee-Lennon
Stephen Brewster

TPS.241:  Gestures
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room A2
Chair: Radu-Daniel Vatavu
Online Media: Video Proceedings

A Taxonomy of Microinteractions: Defining Microgestures based on Ergonomic and Scenario-dependent Requirements
Katrin Wolf
Anja Naumann
Michael Rohs
Jörg Müller

Unifying Events from Multiple Devices for Interpreting User Intentions through Natural Gestures
Pablo Llinás
Manuel García-Herranz
Pablo Alfonso Haya
Germán Montoro

SimpleFlow: Enhancing Gestural Interaction With Gesture Prediction, Abbreviation And Autocompletion
Mike Bennett
Kevin McCarthy
Sile O'Modhrain
Barry Smyth

TPS.242:  UI Modelling I
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room A3
Chair: Andreas Holzinger
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Hammering Models: Designing Usable Modeling Tools
Ko-Hsun Huang
Nuno Jardim Nunes
Leonel Nobrega
Larry Constantine
Monchu Chen

Task descriptions using academic oriented modelling languages: a survey of actual practices across the SIGCHI community
Stanislas Couix
Jean-Marie Burkhardt

Selective Modeling to Support Task Migratability of Interactive Artifacts
Anke Dittmar
Peter Forbrig

TPS.243:  Evaluation I
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room S1
Chair: José Creissac Campos
Online Media: Video Proceedings

Do Teams Achieve Usability Goals? Evaluating Goal Achievement with Usability Goals Setting Tool
Anirudha Joshi
NL Sarda

Supporting Window Switching With Spatially Consistent Thumbnails Zones: Design and Evaluation
Susanne Tak
Joey Scarr
Carl Gutwin
Andy Cockburn

Evaluating Commonsense Knowledge with a Computer Game
Juan Mancilla-Caceres
Eyal Amir

Remote Usability Testing Using Eyetracking
Piotr Chyna?
Jerzy M. Szyma?ski

TPS.244:  Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques I
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room S2
Chair: Pedro Campos
Online Media: Video Proceedings

A framework to develop VR interaction techniques based on OpenInterface and AFreeCA
Diego Martínez
Jean-Yves Lionel Lawson
José Pascual Molina
Pascual González
Arturo Simón García
Jean Vanderdonckt

Exploring Interaction Strategies in the Context of Sleep
Dzmitry Aliakseyeu
Jia Du
Elly Zwartkruis-Pelgrim
Sriram Subramanian

FeetUp: a playful accessory to practice social skills through free-play experiences.
Andrea Rosales
Ernesto Arroyo
Josep Blat

Designing Snakey: A Tangible User Interface Supporting Well Path Planning
John Harris
James Young
Nicole Sultanum
Paul Lapides
Ehud Sharlin
Mario Costa Sousa

TPS.245:  Usable Privacy and Security
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room S3
Chair: Hannu Kukka
Online Media: Proceedings

A Field Study of User Behavior and Perceptions in Smartcard Authentication
Celeste Lyn Paul
Emile Morse
Aiping Zhang
Yee-Yin Choong
Mary Theofanos

Improving Computer Security Dialogs
Cristian Bravo-Lillo
Lorrie Faith Cranor
Julie Downs
Saranga Komanduri
Manya Sleeper

Usable privacy and security in PHRs
Inmaculada Carrión Señor
Jose Luis Fernandez-Aleman
Ambrosio Toval

Shining Chrome: Using Web Browser Personas to Enhance SSL Certificate Visualization
Max-Emanuel Maurer
Alexander De Luca
Tobias Stockinger

TPS.246:  Multi-User Interaction / Cooperation
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30, Room S4
Chair: Marco Winkler
Online Media: Proceedings

Co-located Collaborative Sensemaking on a Large High-Resolution Display with Multiple Input Devices
Katherine Vogt
Lauren Bradel
Christopher Andrews
Chris North
Alex Endert
Duke Hutchings

Exploring How Tangible Tools Enable Collaboration in a Multi-Touch Tabletop Game
Tess Speelpenning
Alissa N. Antle
Tanja Doering
Elise van den Hoven

Hidden Details of Negotiation: The Mechanics of Reality-Based Collaboration in Information Seeking
Mathias Heilig
Stephan Huber
Jens Gerken
Mischa Demarmels
Katrin Allmendinger
Harald Reiterer


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